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Modern, Relaxed, Formal and Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Durham and Surrounding Areas

Celebrate your love story with a versatile wedding photographer, adept at capturing traditional and casual moments. From classic poses to candid shots, I’ll create a stunning visual narrative of your special day.


bridal Preparations

Casual Captures, capturing the magic of bridal preparations - every smile, every anticipation. From the flutter of excitement to the serene moments of reflection, my skill as a photographer ensures every emotion is beautifully preserved. Book my photography services to cherish these precious moments forever.


Embrace the magic of your love story with my exquisite wedding ceremony photography. My skill as a photographer will artfully capture the essence of your special day, from the tender exchange of vows to the joyous celebration that follows. Trust me to immortalise every glance, every laugh, and every shared promise, creating a stunning visual narrative that echoes the beauty of your marriage. Make your wedding day unforgettable – choose my photography services to craft timeless memories that will be cherished for generations.

Cut a cake, First dance, then Party

Elevate your wedding reception to a masterpiece with my exceptional photography service. Let me photograph the joyous festivities, from the first dance to the heartfelt toasts. I transform fleeting moments into everlasting memories, ensuring every smile, every embrace, and every dance is preserved with artistic precision. Choose me to document the magic of your reception, creating a visual narrative that encapsulates the love, laughter, and celebration of your special day. Book now and let me weave the story of your reception into a timeless collection of stunning photographs.

Those little moments after the ceremony
Laughter of love
A very proud Bride and Groom

"As your wedding photographer based in Darlington and County Durham, blending into the background is one of my favourite ways to capture your big day. I can disappear into the surroundings, allowing me to capture the traditional and opportunistic moments that make your wedding day so special"

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