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Saltburn Beach - Midsummers Day

Let me tell you mine..

My name is Iain Reynolds and I created Casual Captures Wedding and Event Photography back in 2013. I’m based in County Durham and cover the whole of the North of England. I am a traditional wedding photographer but also love to capture the natural, candid, romantic and opportunistic parts of your day.

I love what I do and work crazy hard to photograph your day in the least intrusive way possible and to make you as relaxed as I can.


Without doubt my passion in life is photography. I get to live my life behind a camera. My camera goes everywhere with me just in case an opportunity arises! I love to visit the countryside and I lived in Cumbria for 20-years before moving to Darlington. Living in Cumbria gave me lots of time to explore the county in depth. From the depths of Hodge Close to the top of Helvellyn, I've visited most areas.

I am an avid follower of England Rugby and I'm so pleased that the quiet times for weddings is mostly Feb and March when the Six Nations takes place. So I get quite a few of the matches watched.

loves in my life...

It's hard to choose between my wife and my dog Molly, but I need to say it's the wife Carol. I'd risk a clip of my ear if I said owt else! Carol has been behind me all the way since Casual Captures was created in 2013. She really is my best fan..LOL!

Molly is a Border Collie that we've had since she was 8-weeks old and she is truly a really good dog... when she wants to be!

I have to add my teaching! It's so good to see someone blossom as a photographer and I get that honour several times a year with my workshops at Going Digital North East. If you want to know more about your digital camera and how to get the best from it, give me a shout.

Molly the Collie 1
Molly the Collie 2.
Molly the Collie 3.

Molly the Collie

Mollie the Collie.... the love of my life!

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