1. "Can you share examples of your previous wedding photography work, so we can get a sense of your style and quality?"

My Answer - Yes, there are 1000's of images from previous weddings on my Facebook page and 100's on my Website for everyone to see.

2. "What packages do you offer, and what is included in each? Are there any additional costs we should be aware of?"

My Answer - I have a suggested Package Listing to help you initially decide and it can as flexible as you wish. Everything is included in The Ultimate Package and it's a lot! My only additional costs would be if you wished to add hours to the 3-Hour Package. All travel and personal expenses are covered by me.

3. "How do you handle unexpected situations or challenges during a wedding day, such as changes in weather or unexpected delays?"

My Answer - I plan as far in advance as I can for your big day and sometimes things just happen that I have no control of. In this case, I think on my feet, I adapt, I change my thinking to the new situation. This comes with many years of experience of being a Full Time Wedding Photographer.

4. "What is your approach to capturing candid moments versus posed shots? How do you strike a balance between the two?"

My Answer - I just love to capture those little moments that just happen. I always work with two cameras. One has my Paparazzi Lens on it and so it has a great reach to capture natural, opportunistic and funny moments. It's always switched on and I'm always looking. A good proportion of your photographs will be of a candid / natural style.

5. "Can you provide a detailed timeline of how you typically work on the wedding day, from preparation to the end of the reception?"

My Answer - It's so much easier for you to look at my Package Listings for the full details. But I would always make contact to the relevant person at a venue, whether it's the wedding planner, the priest, vicar or other... just to make sure of the timeline and any parameters that I need to know about.