Casual Captures - FAQ


What is it you do that is different from other wedding photographers?

I try to see the day that the Bride and Groom doesn't necessarily see.  My style of photography is to see the social side of your day, capturing the opportunistic photos, creating a photographic documentary of your big day. Yes, of course I will do the bridal preparations, grooms arrival, guest arrival, bride arrival, ceremony, the formal poses, the family line ups but I'll look for those things that just happen on the day. I always try to be unobtrusive as possible and that gives me the edge in seeing those amazing personal moments that create fantastic memories that will last for ever and ever.............. 

On your special day, I’ll compliment the ladies on their outfits, tell the guys their suits are fab and do my best to calm the over excited bridesmaids.  It's all just a very nice way of saying that I am observant, creative and not bossy in any way. By being laid back, almost like an extra guest, rather than “the wedding photographer”, I can be closer to the fun stuff, more discreet and capture more of the natural moments that matter with the minimum of fuss. I’m super relaxed and capture your wedding day naturally. I like real moments that show how you felt on your big day.


What does the Photography Party Package include?

I try and photograph every guest as a record of all the guests that attended your wedding reception.  I try to see the parts of the evening that the Bride and Groom don't necessarily see.  Opportunistic, journalistic and candid shots of your evening reception instantly streamed as part of a slideshow on a large screen TV situated within your venue for everyone to enjoy.


What's included in your Packages?

A full package listing is available on this website or by contacting me and requesting one.


Do you do smaller packages?

Yes, I can do photography by the hour...2-hours is £200, 3-hours £300 etc etc... 


When do I get the photographs?

I try to get all the photos to you within four weeks of your wedding


Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, it's - Please like and share my page :)


Do you do special request photos during the event?

No problem, just ask me!


What happens to all the photos that you take?

I keep them all in an archive file for 5-years, just in case you need another copy!


Do you photoshop any of the photographs you take?

No, I firmly believe that the photo I get is the one that should be kept.  I may crop the image or change the exposure or the colour saturation but that's it.


How do I make a booking?

Contact me to check your date and after a few emails, you should be booked.


Is your equipment PAT Tested as my venue need a copy of your certificate?

All my equipment is PAT tested annually and the certificate is available on request


Do you have Liability Insurance?

Casual Captures has £5m of Liability Insurance and the certificate is available on request


How far do you usually travel?

Normally within 1 hour of Darlington but anywhere..... but expenses will be added


How much is the deposit?

Depends on the package you require but usually either £50 or £100, with the balance paid in full just prior to the wedding.



To discuss your event and check your date, please contact me...